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Self-Care Tips When a Loved One is on Hospice Care

As key providers of Hospice care in Avon Indiana, we acknowledge the importance of maintaining a well-balanced physical, emotional, and mental health of the care provider. When the patient is in their end-of-life care, their needs can be heavier than patients who can be independent on their own. Many of these patients are already bedbound … Continue reading

How to Get Support During Hospice Care

The diagnosis of a terminal illness can be emotionally heartbreaking for the patient and the primary caregiver, which task typically falls on the family members. Getting Hospice care in Avon Indiana can be a relieving option for both the patient and the family caregiver as their loved one can be aided in their painful symptoms. … Continue reading

How can Your Loved One Benefit from Hospice Care?

Is your loved one going through the following? Back-to-back visits to the ER and constant hospital admissions Sudden and severe decline in physical and mental strength, balance, and endurance Sudden and progressive weight loss Steady deterioration of health Any of these aforementioned signs are good enough reasons to contact a hospice right away. There are … Continue reading

It’s Probably Time to Call a Hospice

Just thinking about losing a person you love causes your heart to ache. And when the reality that your loved one can be taken away at any moment finally dawns on you, you’ll find no words for the pain and sorrow. But that shouldn’t be the way you spend a relative’s or a friend’s last … Continue reading

What to Do When Visiting a Loved One in Hospice

Are you about to visit a loved one in hospice? Are you worried about what you should do and not do? Consider following these suggestions listed below: Inform them beforehand. Whether they are at home or in an Inpatient hospice unit, make sure to let them and the entire family know about your visit. This … Continue reading

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Hospice Provider

When your loved one is already nearing the winter of life, it makes sense to ensure that they receive the best Hospice care in Avon Indiana. Through hospice care, the focus is on the patient and their needs. Choosing a hospice provider should not be done in haste. It should be thorough so that your … Continue reading