Here are the things you need to know about Life’s Journey of Avon.

Life’s Journey of Avon provides non-core services for GIP, Respite, and Private Pay care and Hospice Care in Avon, Indiana. The mission of our inpatient care model is to serve ALL hospice patients, no matter who they have chosen as their hospice provider. Settings that currently provide these services, such as a Skilled Nursing Facility or a Hospital, have different core missions than hospice. We fervently believe in giving hospice patients and their caregivers a place that embraces, respects, and focuses on end-of-life care exclusively.

Our company embodies the hospice providers philosophy by encompassing different provider’s approach and core values. The carefully designed environment provides ample space, satisfying the needs of hospice patients, their loved ones, as well as your needs as the provider.

In our facility, we will be providing hospice-based care to the GIP/Respite/Private Pay patient as determined by the hospice provider, who maintains full control over that care. Our staff will be specially trained in the hospice philosophy. Our team will be fully prepared to manage symptoms while addressing physiological, psychosocial, and spiritual needs. They will serve as an extension of your team and your plan of care that is not often seen in other settings.

In short, we can want to be YOUR hospice house!

What Makes Us Different

Life’s Journey of Avon believes in a different approach to Hospice care. Every patient has different needs and a different idea on how they want to handle those needs. We ask the right questions and listen to the answers. We recognize everyone is an individual and that their needs differ from all others. Because of that, we tailor your care plan with you, not for you.

“Becoming a hospice patient doesn’t mean you are giving up on life, but embracing it on your terms.”

The Facility

We designed our facility for the hospice patient, their families, and the hospice provider. Family members and other loved ones can spend the night in our large (over 400 sf) private rooms. Each room accesses its own private patio, on which the bed if needed, can be wheeled out so the patient can enjoy the sun on their face or the wind in their hair if desired. Each room is set up like a studio apartment with their own private bath, and a kitchen area with table and chairs. Also, the beds can be lowered into a “chair” position so if someone can’t get out of bed they can still feel as though they are part of the group and not the subject of the group.

Located directly across the street from IU West Hospital provides convenient and easy access from Indianapolis and all surrounding areas.

We are proud to cater our services to the areas of Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, Putnam, Shelby.