Unwind and take a break from your caregiving duties while we provide quality care to your loved one here in our facility.

We understand the compassion you have toward your terminally ill loved ones. However, you should not forget that you are human, too and not exempt from getting tired and exhausted. This is where our respite care services in Life’s Journey of Avon is useful.

Respite care is a kind of care provided to your loved ones while you take a break from your caregiving duties. Rest is essential for every family caregiver. That is why we are here to give your body the rest that it needs. We give you peace of mind that our care providers are reliable in providing skilled hospice care services. You can assure that their needs are properly met and they are properly cared for in a Medicare-approved setting such as our facility.

For more details about this service and our Hospice Care in Avon, Indiana, call 317-561-6840.