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10 responses to “What They Say”

  1. I just wanted to reach out quickly and say thank you to everyone at Life’s Journey for creating such a wonderful, welcoming space for patients and their families. My mom, Margaret, just finished a 5-night respite stay at your facility. All the staff were so incredibly kind, supportive and hard-working. I am beyond impressed at the compassionate care that your staff provides.

    Please let all your staff know what an huge impact they have had on our family and our ability to provide care in my mom’s final days with greater understanding and competence. Thank you for being there for my mom and our entire family with such professionalism and kindness.

  2. I would recommend them no matter how far you have to drive. They will love and care for your loved one – and are able to medically care for them above and beyond.

    The facility is awesome but the staff is fully equipped to handle any situation.

  3. This place is amazing from the owners and staff to the accommodations they make for your loved one. They truly care about their comfort and your comfort. I was blessed to be able to have a place for Mom to stay in her last days and to be able to comfortably stay with her. They cared for her and kept her comfortable until she was called home. I will recommend them to anyone in the same situation.

  4. The staff at Life’s Journey went above and beyond to help us in every way! From meeting at 9pm to tour their facility to making multiple trips to where my father was to ensure he was safe for transport. They kept me informed at every step. People are not just a number. They honestly care about you & your loved one. The facility is unbelievable! They thought of everything to ensure the patient and family & friends are comfortable. If we are ever in this situation again, Life’s Journey will be our first phone call. Laury, Bob, and Dave, thank you!

  5. I could have never imagined a more caring place to bring my Grandma to so she could go home peacefully. The amazing staff took her, and the entire family, under their wings the moment Grandma got there. All of her needs were taken care of. They informed us of what options we had every time they came in to give her medication or perform other care. She was there less than 24 hours, but once she arrived they immediately made her comfortable. She went very peacefully with family by her side. Having each room equipped with amenities for the family to stay the night gave us the opportunity to truly be there on her last day. It’s more of an all-inclusive hotel that just happens to cater to our loved one at the end. We didn’t realize we would be there less than 24 hours, but it was clear that Grandma knew she was in good hands as she calmed down and began to rest comfortably immediately. I’m so grateful to all of the staff and for everyone that has a hand in this wonderful place.

  6. This is a remarkable facility providing comfort and dignity to those in life’s transition. Hospice is the greatest gift and act of love you can give your loved ones when life’s journey comes to an end. As a funeral director I work with hospice quite frequently and I can tell you without question this a truly special place.

  7. This is an amazing beautiful hospice house dedicated to the upmost comfort and care for patients and families filled with professional and warmhearted staff.

  8. I recently needed hospice care for my mother. I contacted Life’s Journey and spoke with them. They were so great, kind and reassuring, and kept me up to date and informative in my mother’s health.

    I would highly recommend them, as they were with me throughout my mothers end of life journey and offered both her and I a sense of peace, love and caring. I can not say not enough good things about them.

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