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What to Do When Visiting a Loved One in Hospice


Are you about to visit a loved one in hospice? Are you worried about what you should do and not do? Consider following these suggestions listed below:

  1. Inform them beforehand.

    Whether they are at home or in an Inpatient hospice unit, make sure to let them and the entire family know about your visit. This way, they can prepare for your arrival. Many individuals in hospice still want to look their best when facing other people.

    Call them; send them a text, or email message, preferably days before your intended date of visit. As much as possible, give them enough leeway for their preparation.

    If you want to, you can also bring something with you, like food or a gift. Just be sure to ask about which food you can bring to them.

  2. Go for a gentle approach.

    A lot of people receiving Hospice care in Avon Indiana can easily get startled. At the same time, they may also go in and out of sleep.

    Understand that this is the situation. Do not startle them by shouting or raising your voice just to get their attention. Use a gentle approach in letting them know your presence.

  3. Keep it real.
    Your intention in visiting your loved one will be evident in the way you act. If you are there to show genuine love and support, it will show. Keep things real. If you want to hold their hand, do so. Let them know that you are thinking about them.
  4. Do not worry about small talk.

    Lots of individuals are often at a loss for words when coming face to face with a loved one receiving hospice services in Indiana. They also worry about the right things to say.

    Do not worry about small chatter. You can just be there, letting them feel your presence, without even uttering a single word. Keep your focus on the person, and be there in the moment.

  5. Listen.
    Your loved one might have something to say, from those that they regret to those they wish to do. Listen with your ears and with your heart. Do not interrupt them. Instead, let them pour their emotions out, so they can feel lighter. Let them initiate the conversation and lead its pace.

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