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When Do You Know If Hospice Care Is the Right Choice?

When Do You Know If Hospice Care Is the Right Choice

One of the instances to consider hospice care is when a loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness. As a family member enters this phase of life, all the appropriate care options should be discussed, including hospice.

Providers of Hospice care in Avon Indiana gives patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia, cancer, lung or heart disease, AIDS, ALS, and other life-limiting illnesses the right care befitting of their current circumstance. Individuals with these and other advanced-stage and incurable diseases are eligible for hospice care once their doctor determines that life expectancy is half a year or less, given the natural course of their illness. At this stage, palliative care is of utmost importance. Care providers will focus on pain management and symptom control to keep pain and discomfort at bay, seeing as curative measures would no longer be practical or beneficial to the patient.

If a terminally-ill loved one is in need of a higher level of support, then hospice care is guaranteed to provide that. Hospice services in Indiana are delivered by a team of doctors, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, counselors, volunteers, and medical social workers. These professionals are able to address the various needs of the individual and their families including physical, social, emotional, and spiritual. Hospice care teams can also provide services at whatever place the patient considers home, whether it be their own residence, a relative’s house, a care institution, or the hospice care facility itself.

Life’s Journey of Avon, a reputable provider of Inpatient hospice care, delivers first-rate pain relief and symptom management, counseling, and bereavement support. We are your trustworthy partners for end-of-life care, providing comfort and well-being at the tail-end of your loved one’s journey. We understand how difficult this time is for patients and their loved ones and, as such, offer our empathetic support, sympathy, and compassionate care.

Our highly-trained staff will see to it that your loved ones receive care that is structured around their needs. Caregivers will focus on bringing meaning to your loved one’s life through emotional and fulfilling interactions.

Even when you know what the best decision is, it may still take a long while for you to decide. But time is not something your loved ones may have. It is within your power to make the latter stages of life’s journey a happier and more memorable one for the people you love. The gravity of their illness should not define their last days; it should instead be marked by precious moments, peace, acceptance, and the happiness of being with the people who matter most.

Life’s Journey of Avon considers it a privilege to be your loved one’s home away from home. Get in touch with us today!

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